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Common Causes of Leaks at Home

We all rely on the plumbing in our home, but no matter how well you maintain your pipes, eventually leaks are going to spring. At Michael Runk Plumbing and Heating, we’ve been providing homeowners with our plumbing services for years, and have handled far more than our fair share of leaks. It’s generally a good idea to work to prevent leaks in the first place, so we wanted to go over some common causes of home leaks.

Common Causes of Leaks at Home

Corrosion is Common and Nearly Inevitable

Over time, the pipes in our homes can corrode, especially if unmaintained. If your pipes have become corroded, they’ll need to be replaced, as corroded pipes will add contaminants into your water. You can prevent your pipes from corroding by having them regularly inspected, and having any leaks that arise fixed as soon as they do so.

Plumbing Lines Can Become Clogged

A clogged drain or pipe can be a big inconvenience, as they will block your water flow, but they can also lead to leaks. A clog will cause a buildup of water pressure, and if the clog is not remedied, this water pressure can cause a leak, or cause your pipe to burst. Be sure to have any clogs taken care of as soon as they occur, or else they could lead to a bigger issue down the line.

Tree Roots Can Cause Issues

Many plumbing systems are built partially underground, and any pipes that are buried underground could potentially be under threat by tree roots. Trees can have a pretty extensive root network, and these roots won’t ask for permission before ripping through your pipes. If a root does disrupt your plumbing system, you’ll likely have to have your pipes dug up and replaced.

Loose Water Connectors Can Cause Serious Leaks

Any appliance in your home that uses water, will need to be connected to your plumbing system via a water connector. These connectors sometimes become loose, which will cause water to leak out whenever the appliance is in use, and if it’s especially loose, even when it’s not in use. It’s usually a pretty easy repair job to fix loose water connectors.

Damaged Pipe Joints Will Certainly Spring Leaks

Wherever multiple pipes join together, a pipe joint will need to be used. If they’re not installed properly, or if they’re damaged, water can leak out of the pipe joint at a fairly high rate. Repairing damaged pipe joints is imperative if you’re looking to get your plumbing system functioning properly again.

Work with an Experienced Plumber in Maryland

While you definitely want to avoid having a leak in your home, unfortunately, sometimes issues do arise. If you’re having a plumbing problem in your home or place of business, you don’t want to leave its repair left to an amateur. Instead, you should work with a plumbing company that has experience and will be able to complete the job correctly the first time. You should work with Michael Runk Plumbing and Heating.

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