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Why Won’t My Washing Machine Work?

It’s Sunday, and you’re ready to start your laundry. The only problem is, your washing machine won’t start, or is creating some very serious problems. This has to be fixed quickly, or else you’ll be taking the family’s laundry to your parents’ house for a few weeks. Instead, finding the issue with your dead washing machine might just show you how you can fix it. If your washing machine has seemingly quit, read on for a few possible reasons why.

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A Busted Control Board

Washing machines rely on a board of circuitry to function. Each aspect of the machine is controlled by this, so one flaw can cause the whole system to break. The washer will not start if something is not controlled by the control board. Using your machine’s manual, find the control board and inspect it. If you see burnt components, that means your control board is busted, and needs replacing. This can get expensive, though, and it might just be worth it to start anew with another washer.

Worn-Out Timer Knobs

Sometimes, timer knobs can wear down, causing them to slip. This means that your washer will be perfectly functional, but it won’t be able to determine how long to wash your clothes, or on what setting. You can usually remove these knobs and take a glance at them, or, you can physically turn them. You might feel slipping, or you might watch as the timer spins back to zero. This is how you know the problem lies within your timer knobs.

Door and Lid Switches

We rely on these for safety, but sometimes, door and lid switches can malfunction. The washer will not start if it thinks the lid or door is open. This is usually an easy problem to determine. Simply look very carefully to ensure the lid is totally locked. If it is, and the washer isn’t starting, the issue probably has to do with something else. A faulty switch will slip, or it won’t hold onto the lid or door when you tug on it. In this case, a new switch is necessary.

Experiencing worse problems? You might need your local MD plumber to help.

A faulty washer can cause more problems than just being an inconvenience. If a hose disconnects, your house could be subject to flooding and water damage. Your washer could also be malfunctioning because water is not being supplied to it. Sometimes, these plumbing issues are completely unrelated to your washer. And, now that the weather is growing colder, frozen pipes are starting to become a larger concern.

If you’re having an issue with your washing machine, it’s best to consult a professional. The job will be done quickly and effectively, and you won’t have to worry about anything being overlooked. Don’t give up on your washer just yet! Call your local MD plumber today. Michael Runk knows what to look for, and he’ll give you the best service possible.

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