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How to tell if your water supply line went bad

Plumbing malfunctions are one of the most inconvenient and damaging problems that can occur in your home. Your water supply is used for many different tasks, from taking a shower to washing the dishes. Knowing how to tell when your water supply has gone bad can allow you to tackle the issue before any real harm is done.

How to tell if your water supply line went bad

Loss of Water Pressure

Ever take a shower and feel like there’s not as much water coming from the showerhead than normal? Does your faucet slow to a trickle when the handle is turned on? This is probably one of the easiest ways to tell if there is a problem with your water supply line. The plumbing pipes in your home may have been installed poorly, or they may have become clogged due to rust and mineral build-up.

Moisture in Cabinets

The presence of water in cabinets below sinks is a good indication that something has gone wrong with the water supply line in your home. Whether water is pooling on the cabinet floor, or the sides of the cabinet are damp with moisture build-up, the culprit is almost always the plumbing.

Discoloration in Ceiling

Noticing ceiling discoloration and water marks early on can prevent major home renovations and repairs that occur because of a bad water supply line. Sometimes the stain will be obvious and become visible below a fixture like a bathtub or sink, but other times it may be harder to identify what pipe the leak is coming from. Call a local Eldersburg, MD plumber as soon as you notice discoloration to prevent a collapsed ceiling or other destructive incidence.

TIP: Slow leaks are more difficult to identify than large leaks. Here’s an easy way to test for a slow leak:

  1. Identify which line of plumbing the leak is likely to be coming from.
  2. Tape a paper towel to the supply line.
  3. Check back on the supply line in after about 30 minutes have passed to see if it’s wet.
  4. If it is, call your local plumber!

The best way to ensure your plumbing problems are detected and resolved in a timely and efficient manner is to call Michael Runk Plumbing and Heating Services. We are your local and reliable Eldersburg, MD plumber and our dedicated technicians are available 24/7 to assist you with any plumbing problem you may have. If you believe your water supply line has gone bad, contact us today so we can help!

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