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Types of Water Treatment Systems

You probably don’t think about your home’s water filtration system all too much, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t working its tail off. You will know when your water system stops working when your water pressure drops, or if you notice dirt or debris in your water. If you think your home’s water filtration system may not be working properly, get into contact with a professional water system maintenance company.


Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration

The process of reverse osmosis uses water pressure to force water through a semi-permeable membrane. When water is forced through this membrane, debris and dirt will be left behind, while the water molecules will pass through. This is an economical and chemical-free way to improve the quality of your home’s water.


Ultraviolet (UV) Water Sterilization and Filtration

Regular sunlight will kill some microorganisms, but when it’s concentrated in UV rays, it will kill microorganisms at a much higher rate, a rate high enough that it can be used as a filtration system. The UV light will kill any bacteria that may be present in your water, but will not be able to filter out dirt.



Distillation is the process where a liquid, like water, is converted via a heat source into vapor. The vapor is then cooled and returned to a liquid state, now without all of the contaminants that it previously contained. Distillation systems usually take a lot of energy to operate and produce a relatively small amount of purified water.


Work with an Experienced Water System Service Provider

Here at Michael Runk Plumbing and Heating, we’ve been providing Marylanders across the state with our water filtration system installation and repair services for years. If you have some questions about the system you have in your home, or if you’re interested in a new water filtration system, give us a call today. Our team of home service specialists are standing by and ready to help.


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