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Getting Plumbing Repairs Done Right the First Time

Have you ever attempted to unclog a drain or repair a leaky faucet? These repairs are often more complicated than they initially seem. While it may be tempting to address your plumbing issue on your own, this can create serious problems and a much bigger bill. Hire a licensed plumber to get repairs done right the first time, saving you time, energy, and money. Here are five reasons for hiring a licensed plumber. 

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Licensed plumbers have years of experience under their belt, so they’re going to be able to identify your problem correctly. Professionals are trained to spot potential problems before they arise, saving you time and money by helping you fix your system before an issue gets out of hand. 



Buying or renting all the required parts and tools for plumbing repair can be costly and is a hassle. A licensed plumbing professional will have all the necessary tools to complete the repair work and any unforeseen issues. Renting or buying tools and attempting to repair the problem yourself can end up costing you more than hiring a licensed plumber.



A clogged shower drain or a backed-up toilet can be a real pain, hindering you from going about your daily routine. While it may be tempting to tackle the project on your own, a professional plumber is going to get the job done more quickly than you are likely able to do on your own.


Formal Training 

Along with on-the-job knowledge, licensed plumbers have formal training. They know the ins and outs of the trade. Hiring a plumber with formal training ensures there are no mishaps in the repair. 


Codes and Requirements

Many local governments enforce rules and regulations dealing with plumbing issues. By hiring a licensed plumber, you can avoid any possible legal troubles that you might run into if you try to do the work yourself or if you hire someone who is not licensed.


Professional Plumbing Services in Maryland

The plumbing experts at Michael Runk Plumbing and Heating are sure to get your plumbing repairs done right the first time. With professional plumbing repair, your plumbing system will always remain intact. Give us a call at (866) 531-1449 today to schedule an appointment.

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