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What Is A Well Line Repair?

Well water is a cost-effective way to deliver a nearly endless supply of water to your home. Wells have long life spans and can be used in almost any region. Unfortunately, a damaged well line can create problems for your home’s entire water system. It is important to keep on top of maintaining your well line. Every situation is different, but we have over 20 years of experience and know exactly how to tackle each project.

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Signs of a Problem

Many homeowners know the importance of maintaining their well line. However, they fail to notice the signs of a problem. Spotting a leak or other problem is not easy, especially if it is below the surface. There are several signs that indicate a damaged well line. A key sign is a decrease in water pressure; this usually occurs gradually. Another sign of a damaged line is if water filters need frequent replacement. When there is a leak, sand, dirt, sediment, or other contaminants can enter the well line. You may also find a puddle indicating a hole in the well line.


There can be many possible causes of a well line problem. A crack in the line may be caused by installation errors such as over or under-tightening metal connectors. If installed too shallowly, damage from cars driving over the pipe may create problems. Extreme temperatures can also cause the line to crack. Another common issue concerning well lines is blockage. If a rock or other foreign object enters a well line, water pressure can be severely impacted.

Address your Issue Immediately

As soon as you discover a problem with your well line, get into contact with an experienced Maryland plumber. Leaving a damaged pipe unaddressed will not only leave you with expensive water bills but can lead to more substantial problems requiring costly repairs.

Get Help from a Trusted Maryland Plumber

The plumbing experts at Michael Runk Plumbing and Heating are here to help with your well pump problems. After an inspection, we’ll diagnose the problem and reach a quick solution that ensures you won’t have the problem again. Contact us or give us a call today at (866) 531-1456 to schedule an appointment. 

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