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Commercial Plumbing FAQ

Asking questions in regards to commercial plumbing systems is often not at the forefront of anyone’s mind until there’s a problem. When this occurs, property owners are usually stuck having to pay massive amounts of money to have the plumbing repaired. 

commercial plumbing FAQ

To help you avoid this, we’ve gathered the most frequently-asked questions we get about commercial plumbing – and answered them!

Q: How Often Should the Property’s Drains be Cleaned?

A: Even though the answer to this will vary based on the nature of the property and your business, it’s still important to have a basic idea of when this should be done. If you clean them too often, you’ll waste time and energy, and if you clean them too infrequently, you could be faced with clogged drains and massive buildup. A safe middle ground for most commercial properties is cleaning the drains once a month. However, for businesses that tend to pour solid waste down the drains in their facilities, they’ll need to be cleaned more frequently.  

Q: What Chemicals Can Be Used in the Drains?

A: Since clogged drains are bound to happen, you’re probably curious as to which of the popular drain-cleaning products are safe to use in your commercial property’s drain. The surprising answer is actually none of them. The majority of store-bought drain cleaners have harsh, destructive chemicals that not only eat through the debris clogging up the drain, but also the drain pipes themselves. Even worse, the chemicals can get stuck inside of the drain and emit gaseous fumes that harm people who come into contact with it. The only safe ways to unclog your commercial property’s drain are to use a plunger, a drain snake, or call a trusted plumber to take care of it for you. 


Q: How Often Should the Property Have a Full Commercial Plumbing Inspection?


A: There are three specific times when a full plumbing inspection should be done. The first time when a full inspection should be done is before signing a lease. You’ll want to make sure that the property’s plumbing is in order before taking on the responsibility of maintaining the space. The second time is after a major disaster.  Lastly, you should have a full commercial plumbing inspection at least once a year to prevent expensive plumbing disasters from occurring. 

Q: Who Can I Call for Commercial Plumbing Services in Carroll County?

A: Whether you’ve just acquired a new commercial space and want to have the plumbing checked or if you’re facing a plumbing disaster with your current commercial property, Michael Runk Plumbing and Heating is here to help. Since we are a local Carroll County, MD plumber, we’ll get to your property promptly and resolve an issue before it disrupts your business operations.

Have more questions? Call or contact us now to have them answered!  

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