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Water Heater FAQ

The only time you’ll probably have questions about your water heater is when it’s time to fix or replace it, so we’re here to give you the details so you don’t have to figure them out later on. Here’s a list of common questions that we’ve answered to get you familiar with your own water heater at home:

water heater FAQ

Q: What Are the Different Types of Water Heaters?

A: There are two types of water heaters: tank and tankless. A tank water heater preheats water inside of the tank and that preheated water is what’s delivered to your home when you turn on the hot faucet. A tankless water heater, as the name suggests, doesn’t use a tank. Instead, it delivers hater water on demand by warming cold water with a gas burner as it travels through the pipes to your faucet.

Q: What Do I Need to Consider Before Buying a New Water Heater?

Before buying a new water heater you should consider:

  • Upfront costs of each type of heater
  • Heat source
  • Your home’s capacity
  • Space in your home

Q: What Are the Advantages of Each Type of Water Heater?

A: Although tankless water heaters are rising in popularity due to their energy efficiency, your typical tank water heater has its own set of benefits.

Tank – A traditional tank water heater has lower upfront costs than a tankless water heater. They’re also easier to get serviced if something goes wrong.

Tankless – Tankless water heaters take up significantly less space than tank water heaters, they never run out of hot water, are more energy-efficient than tank water heaters, and typically have a longer lifespan.

Q: What are the Disadvantages of Each Type of Water Heater?

A: Just like most other appliances in your home, each type of water heater has their own disadvantages, as well.

Tank – Tank water heaters take up a significant amount of space and usually result in higher utility bills. Because hot water is stored and retrieved from a tank, there’s always the risk of running out of hot water.

Tankless – Tankless water heaters can a lot more expensive to have installed than a traditional tank water heater.

Q: Should I Replace or Repair my Current Water Heater?

Sometimes it better to replace your water heater rather than wasting time and money to repair your current one. If your water heater is less than 10 years old and experiencing problems, repairing it might be your best option. If your water heater is older than 10 years and experiencing problems, you might want to consider replacing it.

Q: Can I Repair or Replace my Water Heater on My Own?

Repairing or replacing a water heater requires specific skills and knowledge that the average person doesn’t have. This is why it’s best to leave any work regarding your home’s water heater in the hands of a professional plumber who knows what they’re doing.

Have More Questions About Your Water Heater?

If you still have questions about your water heater, reach out to Michael Runk Plumbing and Heating. Whether you’re looking for water heater replacement in MD or water heater repair in MD, we can help you determine what’s best for your home. We offer affordable, fast, and honest service. Call or contact us now!

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