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Closing Down Your Outdoor Plumbing Fixtures

As much as we hate to say it, summer is almost over, and that means the cold days of autumn and winter are just around the corner. That means it’s time to trade in your swimsuits and tank-tops for winter coats and sweat pants, and it also means it’s time to close down all of your outdoor plumbing fixtures. As a local Carroll County plumber, we wanted to take some time today to talk about how you can close down your plumbing fixtures.

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Shut Off All Valves

The most important thing you can do is turn off all outdoor valves. Failing to do so could result in frozen pipes or icicles forming on the spout. Shutting off your valves will also save you some money on your next water bill.

Drain and Wrap All Hoses

Many people just leave their hoses hooked up throughout the cold months, but this could seriously harm them. Your hoses could freeze and may not be able to be used, and frozen hoses tend to burst. Instead, you should unhook all hoses, then wrap them up and store them somewhere inside where they can’t freeze.

Make Sure Your Gutters Are Clear

This is also a great time to ensure all of your gutters are clean. Living in Carroll County, we can definitely expect some snow this year, and that’s why it’s so important that you make sure your gutters are free of debris. If they’re not, then too much snow can get caught in your gutters and can cause flooding.

Insulate Your Pipes

While not so much of an outdoor fixture, now is a great time to consider insulating your home’s piping if it hasn’t already been done. We’ve seen many horror stories come to life when pipes burst and cause damage to or ruin homes. Don’t let this happen to your home and get your pipes insulated if they are not already.

Work With an Experienced Carroll County, MD Plumber

Here at Michael Runk Plumbing and Heating, we’ve been providing our plumbing services to Carroll County for years, and we’ve loved every moment of it. If you need help getting your home ready for winter, or have any plumbing questions at all, give us a call!

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