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Bathtub is leaking through the hole near the faucet?

Have you ever noticed the small hole near the rim of your bathtub, just slightly under the faucet? This is an overflow hole, and it has a specific and important purpose when it comes to preventing water damage in your home.

Bathtub is leaking through the hole near the faucet?

The Problem:

A lot of us have adapted to a more fast-paced lifestyle and therefore instinctively use any downtime we have to be productive. That coupled with the fact that distractions are everywhere we turn, makes it a lot easier for us to make mistakes because we aren’t paying attention.

Even if you haven’t done it yourself, you’ve surely seen it on TV or in movies: someone starts to run the bath then leaves the room to tend to something else and before they know it, the bathroom is flooded!

The Solution:

Although this scenario is usually used for comedic value on TV, water damage inside your home is no laughing matter. Luckily, the small hole under your bathtub’s faucet is there to prevent the overflow from happening in the first place.

The hole is connected to the overflow tube, which helps safely channel the water that has overfilled in the tub back down to the drain pipes. This prevents any water from spilling over the sides of the bathtub and onto the floor.

But what happens when the overflow prevention system malfunctions?

What To Do About a Leaking Overflow Drain?

If there’s a problem with your overflow drain, it usually shows itself by way of a water spot on the ceiling below your bathtub. The gasket that sits behind your bathtub’s overflow hole can get brittle over time, which can cause water entering the hole to leak out around the gasket and onto the floor beneath the tub, rather than into the overflow body piping.

If you’re handy and don’t mind trying to solve the problem on your own, you can remove the overflow plate and inspect the gasket.

If you know you have a leak and the gasket is in bad shape, there’s a good chance the overflow gasket is the cause of the leak. The gasket can be replaced with a substitute, commonly found at your local hardware store. However, playing it safe and calling a professional might be a better option when you’re faced with a leaking bathtub.

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