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Is it hard to replace a toilet?

Replacing plumbing fixtures in your home can get complicated if you’re not as educated on the process as the professionals. Explore these steps to replace a toilet and you might reconsider tackling the job on your own!

Is it hard to replace a toilet?

STEP #1 – Measure

Before you pick out a new toilet, you want to make sure you know the measurements of the existing one so you know how much space you have. Bring these measurements with you to the hardware store where you are purchasing the toilet.

STEP #2 – Purchasing the New Toilet

Most toilets come in two pieces: bowl and tank. If your new toilet doesn’t come with them, make sure to also purchase the wax ring and hardware kit needed for installation.

STEP #3 – Removing the Old Toilet

  • First, turn off the water supply valve and flush the toilet to remove the water.
  • Disconnect the water supply line from the toilet.
  • Remove the bolts at the base of the toilet, as well as the ones that connect the tank to the seat.
  • Remove the tank and seat.
  • Plug the hole with an old rag.

STEP #4 – Installing the New Toilet

  1. Remove the old wax seal and replace it with a new one.
  2. Remove the rag from the hole in the floor.
  3. Place the new toilet so that the anchor bolts align with the holes in the base of the toilet.
  4. Rock the toilet bowl back and forth to seal the wax ring.
  5. Attach the new washers and nuts where they belong.
    Tip: Don’t tighten them too much, as this can crack the toilet. Tighten the nuts a little at a time to make sure the toilet stays level.
  6. Place bolt caps over all bolts.
  7. Insert the washers and bolts into the tank and fit the gasket around the hole at the base of the tank.
  8. Place the tank securely on top of the bowl.
  9. Secure all nuts and bolts on the tank.
  10. Install the toilet’s valve assembly if it did not come pre-installed.
  11. Install toilet seat and lid.
  12. Reconnect the supply line.

Once the toilet is properly secured in place, you may turn the water back on. Flush the toilet a few times to make sure there aren’t any leaks.

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