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7 Most Common Plumbing Issues in Maryland

If you’re a homeowner in Maryland, you’re bound to have to call upon the services of a plumber at least once in your lifetime. To help you prepare for the inevitable, here are 7 of the most common plumbing issues we see as a residential plumber in Maryland.

7 Most Common Plumbing Issues in Maryland

Sump Pump Issues

Your sump pump is not going to run forever. When a sump pump is worked really hard it can cause it to malfunction for one reason or another. It’s important to test these elements of your home frequently to prevent flooding; and if you notice your pump isn’t working have it serviced right away.

Dripping Hose Bibb

A hose bibb is the faucet on the exterior of your home where you would attached a garden hose. Here in Maryland, we get frequent calls in the spring because of leaky hose bibbs. Usually, the cause is a harsh winter and cold temperatures which lead the the hose bibb cracking. The solution is replacing the broken hose bibb with a frost-proof one.

Broken Water Heater

Your home’s water heater is rated to last, on average, about 10 years if not a little more. This means you will probably run into the need to replace this feature at least once in your lifetime. A water heater can stop working suddenly and without warning. If this happens, give your local Maryland plumber a call and have them replace it to save yourself the trouble.

Leaky Faucets

A leaky faucet is not only obnoxious, it can drive up your water bill a few dollars each month. Sometimes, the fix is a simple repair which will save your faucet from being replaced as well as save a few bucks. If this happens, call your local Elderburg, MD plumbing specialists here at Michael Runk Plumbing and Heating—we’re happy to help!

Running Toilets

Is your toilet running? Well you better call on a plumber to have them fix the leak. To test if you have a leaking toilet reservoir, put a few drops of food coloring in the toiler reservoir and wait to see if the toiler bowl eventually turns that color. If it does, then you’ll hopefully just need to replace some of the pieces which reside in the reservoir.

Poor Water Pressure

If your water pressure is starting to decline, it could be due to a wide variety of issues from a simple clogged faucet or sink-aerator to the more serious pin-hole leak in your pipes. Either way, this is one of those issues where it makes the most sense to contact a professional Eldersburg, MD plumbing service and have them assess your plumbing.


A clogged pipe, toilet, or drain is hands-down one of the most common plumbing issues we see. Whether your kid decided to try and flush a toy, or your sink’s drain was clogged due to grease, clearing the clog is important. If you’re not sure exactly how to clear your clogged plumbing be sure to contact your local Eldersburg, MD plumber for help.

For help with addressing any of your Maryland plumbing issues, get in touch with the professional residential plumbing service, Michael Runk Plumbing and Heating, today. You can schedule an appointment either by giving us a call at 410-781-6791 or by filling out the form on our website, today!

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