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Shut Off your Water Before a Vacation

A lot of planning goes into preparing for a vacation. You’re likely extra cautious and make numerous checks to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything, whether it be a toothbrush or turning off the coffee maker. You probably also set your thermostat to a schedule, or make sure it is off or on an appropriate setting so energy is not wasted while no one is in the home.

But what about the water?

water emergency vacation

Why It’s Important to Shut Off Your Water

Shutting off the water at the main valve in your home before you leave for an extended period of time isn’t something we think about when making our pre-vacation checklist. Still, it’s an important step to take if you want to prevent coming home to a flooded basement or mild to severe water damage.

When you are home, it’s relatively easy to notice a leak or a burst pipe, and you can take steps to remedy the issue right away before any permanent or extreme water damage occurs. Standing water in your home can be very dangerous and is an issue that needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. This is why shutting off the water to your home before a vacation is important.

How Can I Prevent Water Damage While I’m Away?

The best way to prevent water damage while you’re away is to ensure your plumbing system is functioning well and your plumbing is in good shape. Here are some steps to follow:

STEP 1: Check for leaks. Check the pipes under your sinks for leaks, and inspect the water heater and make sure there are no cracks or major rusting.

STEP 2: Inspect appliance hoses. Check for cracks or kinks, and replace any damaged hoses.

STEP 3: Look over your sump pump. Your sump pump is what helps move groundwater away from your home. Making sure it is in working order can prevent flooding if excessive rain occurs. If your sump pump isn’t working properly, contact a Maryland sump pump repair service before traveling.

STEP 4: Insulate exposed piping. If you’re vacationing during the colder months, insulate pipes and protect spigots to prevent coming home to frozen or burst pipes.

STEP 5: Shut off water at the main valve. The main shutoff valve for water supply to your home is usually a brass valve with a handle. It is usually located where water enters your home – often near the kitchen or utility room. Turn the handle/valve clockwise to shut off the water supply. Finally, check appliances like sinks to confirm that the water has been completely shut off.

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