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Why Does my Home’s Water Smell Weird?

Have you recently noticed a weird odor coming from one of your home’s plumbing fixtures? Although many plumbing issues occur behind walls and ceilings and aren’t so easy to spot, some can alert you to a problem by giving off a distinct odor. Let’s take a look at what a strange smell can mean for your home plumbing system.

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Is it Your Water, or Your Drain?

Determining where the odor is coming from specifically is step number one. This might be a job for the member of your household with the least sensitive stomach. To find out whether the smell is coming from the drain or the water, fill a clean cup or glass with water without letting any of the water fall into the sink. Take a quick whiff of the drain, then the glass of water, then compare the two smells.

If you only smell the odor coming from the water in the glass, you can head down to the Causes of Water Odor section below. If the smell is originating in the drain, it could be due to a foreign substance or object within the piping system. If it’s only occurring in your kitchen drain, there might be food that is stuck somewhere in the plumbing lines. If it’s in the bathroom, the smell could be due to excess hair or soap scum buildup in the pipes.

Before you grab the drain cleaner, remember that many of these products contain harsh and hazardous chemicals that can damage your pipes and potentially make your plumbing issue even worse. A timely call to your local Westminster plumbing company can be the difference between a quick, simple repair and worsened plumbing problem shortly down the road.

Causes of Water Odor

If your water has a ‘‘rotten egg” smell, it could mean that your water contains sulfur or hydrogen sulfide; more specifically, a chemical reaction involving the two may have occurred inside your hot water heater. If the smell only happens when you use the hot water, it’s best to have your water heater inspected by a licensed Westminster, MD plumber.

This same smell can alternatively be caused by bacteria within your water system. If the smell happens with either the hot or cold water, a bacterial contamination is likely the culprit. The more potent the smell and the longer it sticks around after you shut off the faucet, the more serious the problem. To keep your family and your home’s plumbing system safe, always reach out to a residential plumbing professional when you notice a change in your water’s condition.

Work With a Professional Westminster, MD Plumber

At Michael Runk Plumbing and Heating, we’ve been providing our plumbing services to Westminster, Sykesville, and other areas throughout Maryland for many years. If your water has a strange smell, we’re here to help. Our team of Maryland plumbing experts have the knowledge and expertise to provide residential plumbing solutions you need. Give us a call today!

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