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What you Need to Know about Boiler Repairs

What you Need to Know about Boiler Repairs

A boiler is a plumbing and heating appliance that heats water for the purposes of bathing/showering, cooking, and heating your home. This appliance uses oil, coal, wood, or natural gas to heat the water. The basic components of a boiler are:

  • Firebox – combustion chamber where fuel meets the air, creating a flame
  • Pressure Gauge – measures pressure inside boiler
  • Heat Exchanger – carries heat from burner to water
  • Backflow Valve – safety device allowing water to flow in one direction only
  • Burner – where air mixes with fuel and combusts
  • Expansion Tank – helps protect boiler from excessive pressure
  • Return Lines – bring cooled water or steam back into boiler for reheating
  • Aquastats – temperature sensors that tell the burner when to start and stop
  • Circulator Pumps – push hot water/steam from system to heat distributors
  • Supply Lines – pipes that deliver hot water/steam to distribution points

Boiler repairs can be rather complicated. Here are some common issues you may come across if you have a boiler in your home:

  1. Leaks – Most often caused by a broken internal component. Pressure could be too high, system may not have been fitted properly, pump seal could be worn or in need of replacement.
  2. No heat/hot water – Diaphragms or airlocks could be broken, motorized valves may have failed, water levels could be too low.
  3. Pilot light is out – Can be due to a broken thermocouple stopping the gas supply. Drafts can also blow the pilot light out.
  4. Weird noises – Most likely due to air in the system. Water pressure could also be too low.
  5. Frozen pipes – Condensate pipes usually run outside, which puts them at risk of freezing when outdoor temperatures are very low.
  6. Loss of pressure – Could be due to a water leak or bad pressure relief valve. Check pressure gauge and note pressure levels if you feel there is a problem.
  7. Kettling – Noise similar to a kettle boiling, caused by limescale buildup in the boiler’s heat exchanger. More common in areas with hard water.

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