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What Not to Put Down a Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals can be a great feature on your kitchen sink in the removal of food waste, but they do come with limitations on what can and can’t be disposed of. Being aware of these limitations can be the difference between a well-functioning disposal with a long lifespan and a broken disposal that requires premature replacing.

what not to put down a garbage disposal

What is UNSAFE to Put in my Garbage Disposal?

  • Grease/Oil: Can solidify and build up in your pipes.
  • Egg Shells: Membrane on the inner part of the egg shell can cause damage to the disposal’s blades.
  • Coffee Grounds: Can cause sediment buildup and harm your pipes.
  • Animal Bones: Bones from chicken, fish, and other animals are too solid and tough and will damage the blades.
  • Large Amounts of Food: Garbage disposals can only handle small amounts of food at a time, so don’t overload it!
  • Stringy Vegetables: Corn husks, celery, and other fibrous foods can wrap around the blades and hurt the motor.

What is SAFE to Put in my Garbage Disposal?

As long as what you are putting in your disposal is small in size, a food or drink product, and not included in the list above, it should be safe to put into the garbage disposal without any risk to the appliance.

Tips for Safe Disposal Usage:

  • Never put your hand down the garbage disposal, even when it’s off! The blades can cause injury even when they are not in motion.
  • Make sure your sink has a rubber shield on the drain, so that food does not fly out of the disposal when in use.
  • Run a full stream of water before, during, and after the disposal is on and in use.
  • Do not pour bleach down your disposal to clean it or remove an unpleasant smell, as this can damage the appliance. Instead, grind small bits of orange peels for a fresher scent.

What Happens When It’s Too Late?

If you find yourself with a broken or malfunctioning garbage disposal, due to an attempt to dispose of inappropriate materials or otherwise, call a Maryland plumber. A plumber experienced with garbage disposal repair will guarantee that the cause of the issue will be found and the problem will be remedied promptly and efficiently.

The experts at Michael Runk Plumbing & Heating are friendly, knowledgeable, and available 24/7 to help you with all of your plumbing needs. For more information on garbage disposal safety or to have yours inspected, contact us today!

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