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5 Reasons to Replace your Toilet

There is nothing more frustrating than a toilet that doesn’t meet your needs. Maybe the color doesn’t match, or it doesn’t flush correctly. Or maybe it’s just old and needs an upgrade. If you’ve been thinking about taking the plunge and investing in a new toilet, here are 5 reasons you can consider.

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Why have just any old toilet when you’re able to customize one that meets all your needs? The number of available features available for flushing alone is impressive. You can opt to have two flushing intensities, touchless flushing, or the option to customize your toilet’s noise level. You can also customize the shape and style of your toilet, so you can utilize your bathroom space effectively. The possibilities are endless.

Water Saving

If conserving water is an important lifestyle choice for you, then replacing your toilet with a more environmentally conscious one is something you can look into. There are many brands that offer dual-flush or high-efficiency toilets that are made to minimize the amount of water your toilet uses, while still providing the flush intensity you need.


Cold seats, awkwardly shaped bowls, or a toilet height that just isn’t comfortable are all reasons you might be thinking about making a switch. You don’t have to suffer through an uncomfortable toilet. There are plenty of options that can optimize comfort. You can find heated toilet seats, so you don’t have to sit on cold porcelain again, or can shop around for a toilet that’s the shape and height that works best for you. Whatever the cause of discomfort, you should be able to find a suitable toilet to replace it.


You move into a new house. Everything is beautiful, there are wood banisters, a fancy shower…but the toilet is a light, almost fleshy pink. Not only does it ruin the aesthetic of the bathroom, but it’s an all-around uncomfortable color for a toilet. You might feel silly, but it’s an understandable reason to start shopping around, and luckily there are plenty of color options available. No matter the color your toilet is now, you will be able to find one that matches your bathroom perfectly.

Money saving

If you need to find ways to save money on utilities, then replacing your toilet is something that could help. Like with toilets that save water, there are plenty of high-efficiency toilets that will cut down the amount of money you spend on utilities, you just need to find the one for you.

There are any number of reasons why you would want to replace your toilet. From comfort to efficiency to having the coolest features, whatever it is that has you wanting to upgrade is valid. What’s important is that you have the toilet, and bathroom, that works best for you.

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