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What is a Water Main Break and Am I Responsible?

large green water main pipes

If you own a business or residence that is on city supplied water, you have a water main, this is the underground pipe that delivers water to your service pipe. In residential areas it usually runs underneath the street and sidewalk. If the water main breaks, you will probably still have water, unless it is shut off while the break is being repaired. Because the water in the main is under pressure, the water will find its way to the surface, this could be in your home or outside on your property.

What Causes a Water Main Break?

Water main breaks are usually caused by external corrosion on the pipes. Some soil is highly conductive and can easily corrode metal pipes from the outside in, changing soil condition, like freezing, can cause a weak pipe to break.

Who is Responsible for Water Main Break Repairs in Maryland?

The water main is generally maintained by the city or the county that you reside in. If there is a break the city or county should be called to assess the damages and make repairs first. There is a portion of the main between the sidewalk and the house or business that is the responsibility of the property owner.

Who Can Help?

An experienced plumber can assist with determining which areas are your responsibility and the best ways to address them. Depending on the damage and the issue at hand, a repair or a replacement may be necessary and a plumber will be able to determine which.

Michael Runk Plumbing & Heating provides the full range of water main services for residential and commercial customers:

  • Water main plumbing repair and replacement
  • Water main valve replacement
  • New water main copper line connection installation

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