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What Makes a Tankless Water Heater Green?

tankless water heaters

With the cries that the ozone layer is desperately in need of green strategies, heaters are something one would not have thought of had it not been for the immense popularity of tankless water heaters. With all the hype of instantaneous results during usage, tankless water heaters are considered a splendid choice for quick results.

One of the prime factors this product is said to be better compared to its counterparts—heaters with built-in tanks— is its energy efficiency. It is a green option. The reason is that tankless heaters only use energy when hot water is needed for consumption. Thus, there is no need to fill up a space and store heated water which takes time as well as utilizes much more energy.

How do Tankless Water Heaters Work?

Tankless water heaters, also known as on-demand heaters, are designed to meet various domestic needs such as the requirements of the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room. These compact units are controlled by temperature control with a monitor indicating the temperature of water thus making it a safe option for the users.

The ability to quickly heat water doesn’t mean that the tankless water heater operates only when hot water is needed. On the contrary, their heating elements are always energized which also results in wastage of energy.

Due to the absence of hot water storage in a tankless water heater, it is often assumed that it causes cold water sandwich (which causes cold water to come gushing forth if there is a prolonged use in the shower or for any other purpose). But the truth is, the intricate systems of a tankless water heater monitor the temperature of the water and the heating is constantly regulated based on the need. The heat detectors in the device send signals to the in-built computer which then directs the heating system according to the temperature requirement. This, however is the case of modulated tankless water heaters.

The other type is Full-on/Full-off tankless water heaters which actually cause discomfort to the users since these units do not have the option of variable output which results in extreme variation of temperatures.

The Energy Efficient Option

The tankless water heaters make use of the theory which says the only way to go green is to heat less, and that is exactly what it does; heats only when required and doesn’t consume energy in heating masses of water in store. Also, tankless water heaters are a safe option for households with young children as the temperature could be controlled to avoid any water burns etc. Also, it caters to all of the water needs and not just that of the shower, making it an essential for everyday use.

Michael Runk offers plumbing and heating services with their green option of tankless water heaters that are not only gaining popularity among masses but also happen to be user friendly and sophisticated items to be installed almost anywhere. The environmentally friendly tankless water heaters come in various styles and sizes, all to cater to various needs of households and to make hot water consumption a simple and safe option.

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