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What is a Sump Pump?

water flowing out of pipe toward sump pump

Most Maryland homes have basements; the further south you travel along the East Coast, you’ll find that fewer and fewer homes feature subterranean living space, especially in parts of Mississippi, Georgia, and Florida. Part of the reason for this is because the further south you go, the more moisture you find in the soil, making a basement impracticable and dangerous because flooding is so common. Basements were originally a place to store food, water, and wine, but because of recent modern home additions, one being the sump pump, basements can now take on many more functions, in fact they can become full living spaces in the home. But what is a sump pump exactly, and how does it keep my basement dry?

What is a Sump Pump?

A Sump Pump is a pump that is used to remove water that has collected in the sump basin of a home, found in the lowest part of the basement. It is primarily used to prevent a home from flooding.

Types of Sump Pumps


These sump pumps are built with a fully submersible motor that is completely surrounded by oil to provide cooling and lifetime bearing lubrication. This sealed construction prevents dust and moisture from entering the motor, because it sits inside your sump basin it tends to be quiet than its counterpart and is preferred in newer homes because the installation is seamless and is cleaner looking.


These sump pumps have a motor that is mounted in a column, it uses a drive shaft to spin an impeller that pumps water. These are usually cheaper, but their shelf life is shorter than the submersible variety.

Which Kind of Pump Do I Need?

Submersible pumps are more popular because they are safer, quieter, and last longer.

What Size Pump Do I Need?

The size pump you need depends on how much horse power you need, 1/3 horsepower is generally recommended for a normal home, unless you need constant water removal, then a higher horsepower unit may be recommended.

Should I Install My Own Pump?

Installing a new pump will require channel locks, screwdriver, and maybe even a hack saw. If you are not a DIYer or if you have never attempted this type of work it is highly recommended that you let a professional plumber handle your pump removal and replacement. You can Contact Michael Runk Plumbing and Heating with sump pump issues, and if your basement is flooding they are open 24 hours to help you with your plumbing emergency.

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