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What is a Main Water Line and How Does it Impact My Plumbing?

As a homeowner, it’s important that you understand the basics of how plumbing water supply lines work. That’s because your home’s main water line is responsible for bringing fresh water into your home. Mastering the basic understanding of how it works will help you detect any problems and deal with emergencies related to plumbing water supply lines competently. Here’s what you need to know about your home’s main water line. 


What is a Main Water Line and How Does it Impact My Plumbing


What is a Water Supply Line?

A water supply line is the main water line that allows water to your property. It is connected directly to the public main water distribution line — usually located under the roadway. The main water line is made out of metal or plastic and can range from .5” to up to 1.5” in diameter. To find your main water line, look for the water meter attached to your home’s exterior. 


How the Water Supply Line Runs Inside the House

Once inside the house, the main water line leads to the water heater. But before it reaches the heater, the main water line splits into hot and cold water paths. The cold-water line splits away from the main water supply and slopes away from the water heater. Water that follows the hot path is led into the water heater where it will be heated and released into different hot water service lines. 


Materials Used in the Main Water Line

There are various types of water line materials and pipes that are used for main water lines. City/town distribution water lines that supply water to the entire community use large-diameter pipes. For individual buildings, there are smaller batch water pipes being used. These smaller batch water pipes are usually made out of copper, ductile iron, and brass. Some additional materials that can be used are PVC (polyvinyl chloride), steel, or cast iron. 


Common Main Water Line Problems

There are plenty of problems that can arise inside and around your water main line. One thing that can happen is water contamination. Main water lines can become damaged and allow impurities, dirt, filth, and toxins into our water supply. Another problem that can occur is leaks. Because of the pressurized water inside the main water line, old or faulty water supply pipes can spring a leak that causes flooding very quickly. 


Problem with Your Main Water Line?

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