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Top 5 Summer Plumbing Maintenance Tips

When temperatures start to rise, people often think about how the temperature will impact their air conditioning, thermostat, and energy bill. What people don’t think about is the impact of the weather and summer conditions on their plumbing system. Summer conditions can put your plumbing system through a lot, and that’s why plumbing maintenance is important during the summer. Here are our top five summer plumbing maintenance tips:

A leaky faucet

1. Check the Sewer Line

Problems with sewer lines are often caused by excess rain, thunderstorms, and tree roots invading the sewer line. When there’s a problem with your sewer line, you’ll notice blockages inside your home that are caused by the debris. Don’t wait until your drains are backed up this summer, have your sewer line inspected by a Carroll County plumber before a problem arises. 


2. Inspect Washing Machine

Your washing machine is probably being used more often throughout the summer. Because this is the case, it’s a good idea to inspect your washing machine and all its connections to ensure that it can handle all the extra work it will see in the summer. Check your washing machine’s hoses, valve handles, and faucet connections to make sure there is no leakage. 


3. Be Mindful of What you Put in the Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are convenient, but they aren’t designed to tackle all of our leftover messes. During the summer when people tend to cook more, inside and outside, it may be tempting to throw all leftover food down the garbage disposal. However, doing so can cause clogs and damage to your drains.


4. Check for Leaks

It’s a good idea to check for leaks around your home throughout the year. Minor leaks may not sound like a big problem, but over time they can turn into major problems. Leaks can damage your home and increase your water bill. This summer, go around your home looking for leaks and have them repaired immediately by a professional plumber.


5. Schedule Annual Maintenance

One way to make sure your plumbing system continues to run in tip-top condition this summer is by scheduling annual maintenance. Have an experienced plumber do sewer line maintenance and water line maintenance this summer. Doing so will prevent extensive damages and save you money in the long run. 


A Dependable Plumber to Get You Through the Summer 

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