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These Should Never Go Down the Drain

Clogged drains can be a big mess to deal with, and clogged sewage lines can not only be a mess, but very expensive! What types of things can cause major problems when they go down the drain? Let’s look at the top five offenders and why you should never let them get into your pipes.

Water swirling down the drain


We’ve all heard that cooking grease shouldn’t go down the drain, but why? Could a little bacon grease really do that much damage? Because cooking grease is liquid when it goes down the sink many homeowners are fooled into thinking it will be fine and wash through their pipes without causing a problem, but this isn’t the case. Grease that finds its way into your pipes can solidify and cause a clog that can be difficult to remove. Depending on where the clog occurs in the pipe, you could be in for a real mess.

Feminine Products

Despite what they say on the packaging, all feminine products should be disposed of in the trash can, not the toilet. These products can quickly clog the toilet making a huge mess for homeowners. Even if the product says it is flushable it is better to be safe than sorry.


In a similar vein to the feminine products, it is never a good idea to flush baby wipes down the toilet, even ones that market themselves as flushable. These wipes are labeled flushable because given enough time they will break down without a major environmental impact, but that doesn’t mean they will break down fast enough for your pipes. Flushable wipes are a huge contributor to clogged toilets and we never recommend them.


We’ve all done it, draining pasta over the sink when some noodles escape your colander or spoon. It’s not a big deal, is it? Well, pasta and rice expand in water, so it stands to reason that they would do the same in your pipes. Some pasta or rice may go down the sink just fine, but as it sits in the bottom of the sink in dirty water it can continue to grow until it creates a clog. This is true of any food item that may grow in water, whether it be pasta, rice, quinoa, or beans.


Bones may not clog your sink but they can do damage to your disposal. Disposal blades are made to break down tough food but bones are just a bit too hard on them and may end up damaging the blades or even the motor. If you are preparing meat or discarding bones after a meal, throw them in the trash rather than the disposal.

Have You Made Bad Decisions About Your Drains?

No one wants to deal with clogs or damaged pipes around the house, and while some issues are unavoidable, others can easily be avoided by being careful what goes down the drain.

As a general rule most food items should go in the trash, and nothing but toilet paper and waste should go down the toilet. If you’ve encountered a plumbing problem and you suspect a clog is to blame, call us at Michael Runk Plumbing and Heating today. We are Carroll County plumbers with years of experience and we’d love to help you get your plumbing back up and running.

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