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Is My Water Contaminated?

One of the greatest luxuries of our modern world is our easy access to clean and safe drinking water. While there are still some regions of the world without this, in the west we’re pretty lucky. Most drinking water in the United States and Maryland is safe to drink, but sometimes contaminants can still enter the water supply. As an experienced Maryland plumbing repair company, we wanted to take some time today to discuss some of the different ways to tell if your water is contaminated.

plumbing repair water contamination

An Unusual or Bad Taste

If you drink from your tap a lot, then you probably know how your water should taste. If your tap water starts to taste different or “bad” then obviously something’s changed, it could be that contaminants have made their way into your water supply. In this situation, you could either contact a Maryland plumbing repair specialist to test your water, or you could buy a filter.

Sulfur or Chlorine Smells

If your water smells like chlorine or sulfur then it’s probably because there’s some chlorine or sulfur in your water supply. Chlorine is added to public water supplies to remove bacteria and contaminants, and while it’s not usually found in large amounts, sometimes too much can be added and it can give your water a bad taste. Sulfur can also get into your water supply, though it does so naturally. Neither sulfur nor chlorine is harmful, and their smells/tastes can be removed with a water filter.

Low Water Pressure

There are a couple of different reasons why you may have low water pressure, but the one we see the most is a clogged pipe. Pipes can become clogged if something was flushed that shouldn’t have been, or sometimes sediment just builds up and causes a clog. If you think you may have a clogged pipe, then you’ll need to get some help from an experienced Maryland plumber.

Work With a Professional Plumbing Repair Company in Maryland

Here at Michael Runk Plumbing and Heating, we’ve been providing our plumbing repair services to Maryland for years, and we’ve seen it all. No matter what kind of plumbing or water contamination issue you’re having our team of experienced plumbers will be able to help you. Don’t spend any more time worrying about having contaminated water, give us a call today.

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