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How Do a Boiler and Water Heater Differ?

Oftentimes, the terms ‘boiler’ and ‘water heater’ are used interchangeably. This perpetuates the misconception that the two appliances are identical.

In actuality, a boiler and a water heater differ greatly! It’s important to understand the distinction between the two, because it can make a huge difference when it comes to repairs and understanding your home’s plumbing system.

How Do a Boiler and Water Heater Differ?

What is a Water Heater?

A water heater not only heats the water, but it also stores it. The concept is simple; it uses the scientific principle that heat rises. The water is heated inside a large metal cylinder, and quickly delivers hot water to wherever you need it within your home.

You can even adjust the temperature of water heaters to make them more appropriate for your lifestyle.

For instance, if you have children, you can set the hottest setting on a lower temperature so they aren’t at risk for being burned. Lower temperature settings can also lower your energy bill, as it takes more energy to heat the water to a higher temperature.

Commercial water heaters are able to run at higher temperatures. They need to be able to hold enough hot water to supply a much larger area, so they have to be larger in size, as well.

What is a Boiler?

Think of a boiler like a burner on a stove. Rather than having water stored inside of it, a boiler is filled with heated coils which water runs over very quickly. This rapidly heats the water, providing the same general function as a water heater.

However, boilers are used more for commercial purposes. They are able to heat a large amount of water quicker than a water heater, and they are more efficient in doing so.

For your commercial purposes, a boiler is probably the best choice. Commercial boiler services in Maryland are readily available, so you won’t have to look far to get what you want!

There are a ton of advantages associated with commercial boilers. For one, they are more energy efficient than water heaters. They don’t have to deal with duct leaks, which can save a lot more money than you might think.

Did you know that a boiler can also increase the indoor air quality in your facility? Because a boiler doesn’t circulate air, you don’t run the risk of having allergy contaminants like dust and pollen distributed throughout the room.

Michael Runk is Here to Help With Your Boiler.

For commercial boiler services in Maryland, contact Michael Runk today! We’ll get you started on installing the perfect boiler system, and you’ll be ready to have your water heated in no time. For quality service and impeccable equipment, you can depend on Michael Runk.

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