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Can My Water Heater be Repaired?

It’s a typical work day. Your alarm goes off and you head into the shower and notice a big problem: no hot water. Hot water heaters can stop working properly for several reasons, many of which can be repaired. While finding you have no hot water, or dirty water, or even a leak around your water heater isn’t ideal, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to throw in the towel and replace it with a new one. Let’s look at some common water heater problems and if and how they can be repaired.

hot water heater problems

No Hot Water

If you are experiencing no hot water, or very limited hot water, you’ve got a water heater problem. This is one of the most common water heater problems homeowners encounter. If you have a gas heater, the pilot light could very likely be the culprit. Control valves in the heater could also cause a problem if they wear out over time, as can the thermostat. In an electric water heater, the thermostat can cause the problem but can be repaired or replaced.

Dirty or Smelly Water

Having your water turn brown or put off a strange smell can be alarming, and in some of these cases, your water heater is to blame. Wear from aging pipes in your water heater can lead to corrosion and damage that can discolor your water. If your water begins to have a funny smell, bacterial growth in the water heater or connected pipes can be to blame. Both of these issues can be fixed with pipe replacement and repairs, but in some cases the damage is extensive enough that water heater replacement makes more sense.

Water Leak

If you find water on the floor surrounding your water heater, you can be sure there is a leak somewhere in the system. Leaks commonly come from worn pipes or bad connections within the system. If this is the case, the pipe to blame can be replaced. In some cases, the water heater tank itself can wear out and begin leaking. In these cases, your water heater will need to be replaced.

Weird Sounds

Strange sounds coming from the water heater are common, and are caused by a couple of different issues. Boiling or popping sounds come from the water in the tank getting too hot and boiling. This can happen when the tank has sediment buildup in the bottom. This can often be repaired by having a professional Carroll County plumber flush out the water heater. Sounds like hissing typically come from leaks in the water heating system where hot air or steam is escaping. To solve this problem, the leak will need to be found and repaired.

Having Water Heater Issues in Carroll County?

Hot water heater issues are common and oftentimes problems can be repaired and a new water heater isn’t necessary. To determine whether or not a problem should be repaired or the unit replaced, a professional plumber can weigh the cost of repairs with the cost of a new unit. At Michael Runk Plumbing and Heating, we have years of experience and would love to help you with any problems you may be encountering. Give us a call today for your water heater repair needs and water heater replacement in Carroll County, MD. 

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