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5 Benefits of Getting a Home Plumbing Inspection

No homeowner enjoys dealing with unexpected plumbing problems. Not only are they inconvenient, but they can end up causing plenty of damage that requires costly repairs if they go undetected. Plumbing issues often sneak up on homeowners with little visible warning. The reality is that most plumbing problems build over time under the surface. Luckily, major damage can be avoided if the issue is detected in time and repaired. 

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Getting routine home plumbing inspections can save you money and headaches in the long run by detecting issues before they become a financial burden. Let’s look at some of the benefits of a home plumbing inspection. 

Benefit #1: Detect Clogs Early

One of the most common causes of plumbing issues is clogged pipes. Most clogs develop slowly over time as debris like hair, food, or soap scum build in your pipes. Grease from the sink, for example, may accumulate in your pipes slowly while also catching hair and other debris that leads to a bigger clog. By having a plumbing inspection performed periodically, you can catch these clogs early and prevent a complete backup, which could damage floors and cause a big, unsanitary mess in your home. 

Benefit #2: Find Leaks Before They Cause Damage

In addition to detecting clogs, a full inspection can detect minor leaks in your plumbing that could turn into major problems. Small leaks can develop over time into burst pipes that can cause major damage to your home. In addition to the potential problems that can arise from a small leak,  if you are on city water, this leak can cost you a pretty penny over time as plenty of water can be wasted when a leak goes undetected for a long time. 

Benefit #3: Identify Problems with Faucets and Toilets

Likewise, dripping faucets and running toilets can cost money in the long run as excess water is wasted day and night. Sometimes these leaks are so slow that Carroll County homeowners don’t detect them without the help of a professional plumber. A home plumbing inspection can allow an expert to find these areas of water loss so that they can be repaired. 

Benefit #4: Deal with Invasive Tree Roots

Roots can cause major problems for homeowners. In many cases, roots can damage the main line out of the house, causing back ups of water and waste into the home. A full plumbing inspection will include feeding a scope through the main line to determine if there are any issues brewing. If your inspection does find roots invading your plumbing, you can fix the problem before it becomes an even more costly issue. 

Benefit #5: Find Damaged or Old Pipes

Finally, a home plumbing inspection can detect damaged and old pipes that need to be replaced. Locating issues within the home’s plumbing before they turn into emergency repairs is a great way to prevent a lot of damage, and save a lot of money. An inspection can catch these issues early so that repairs can be done quickly. 

Get a Plumbing Inspection from the Professional Carroll County Plumbers

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