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Can I Use Liquid Drain Cleaner to Unclog my Toilet?

As seasoned Maryland plumbers, we’re well aware of how tempting it can be for homeowners to use “quick-fix” products from their local grocery or hardware store when an issue arises with their plumbing system. What’s so enticing about these products is that they claim to guarantee the fix at a low cost and are advertised as plumbing solutions that don’t require homeowners to spend time and money on having a professional handle the problem.

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Unfortunately, there’s often an asterisk next to these claims on the product labeling that denotes that there’s a catch to their so-called guarantee. Many homeowners miss this warning and find themselves in even more trouble when they use the product and as a result experience worsened plumbing issues. Let’s take a look at whether or not drain cleaner, a popular household product for clearing clogs in sinks and bathtubs, is safe to use on toilet clogs.

The Purpose of Liquid Drain Cleaner

Drain cleaners come in a variety of different brands, but the majority of these products will include a list on the label of the specific plumbing issues they are intended to fix. The general intended purpose of liquid drain cleaners is to weaken and loosen debris – like soap scum, hair, and some food waste – that has built up in a plumbing fixture’s pipes in order to clear a clog and allow for optimal drainage. These products contain harsh and potentially-hazardous chemicals that are sometimes powerful enough to destroy the buildup.

Why Drain Cleaner Shouldn’t Be Used for Toilet Clogs

Similar to clogs that occur in a sink or tub, toilet clogs are often clogged due to a blockage. The difference, however, is that your toilet has a much larger opening than that of a traditional sink, making it easier for larger, more solid objects to be dropped or flushed in the toilet. Liquid drain cleaners create a chemical reaction to break down matter, but if the matter that’s clogging your toilet isn’t naturally degradable, the chemicals will be unsuccessful in clearing the clog and will actually make removal of the blockage more hazardous.

The Best Way to Handle Toilet Clogs

When your toilet is clogged or you’re experiencing repeated issues with one of your bathroom plumbing fixtures, the easiest and most effective way to get it fixed safely is by letting a Westminster, MD plumber take the wheel. As residential plumbing experts, Michael Runk Plumbing and Heating has the tools and expertise to not just unclog your toilet, but also help you prevent future plumbing issues in your home. Contact us to set up an appointment for plumbing repair or service today.

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