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Why You Should Clean Your Drains Regularly

Maintaining the drains in your home may be way down your list of priorities, but it’s a job that shouldn’t be tossed to the back burner. Regular drain maintenance can save you headaches in the future, while keeping your home clean in the present. Here are some reasons why regular drain cleaning is so important, as well as a couple simple suggestions to add into your normal home cleaning routine.

Why You Should Clean Your Drains Regularly

Why Should I Clean my Drains?

Why should you regularly clean the drains in your home? Drain maintenance and cleaning can prevent damage to pipes down the road. Over time gunk, grease, hair, etc. get trapped in your drains preventing them from draining properly. Not only does this cause nasty back ups for you, it also makes water to sit in the drain, wearing it down more quickly. Additionally, clogged and dirty drains frequently smell, causing an unpleasant odor in your home. One more reason to maintain your drains (and this should be reason enough, in our opinion!) is that is prevents drain flies. Drain flies, or sink flies, reproduce and live in dirty drains and sewers. These pests are harmless, but a nuisance nonetheless.

How Do I Clean my Drains?

One of the simplest ways to clean your drains is to run some hot water (approximately five minutes) and then pour some baking soda down the drain. The fizzing of the baking soda will help clean away any buildup, kill any drain flies, and reduce any smells. If you’d like a more fresh scent, you can also drop some lemon juice down the drain as well for extra cleaning power. If your drains haven’t been maintained and are starting to become clogged, commercial drain products can help remove build up. If you are unsuccessful with either of the above mentioned methods, a call to the plummer may be in order, as you may have damaged pipes from years of improper care.

Maintaining the drains and pipes in your home is important. It is an often overlooked chore, that will come back to bite you someday if left undone for too long. Whether you’ve got clogs, drain flies, or unpleasant odors, a good cleaning routine can save you in the long run. If your drains have gotten away from you, and are in need of repair work because they haven’t been maintained, give Michael Runk Plumbing and Heating a call today!

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