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What to Know About Your Water Main

Are you familiar with the ins and outs of your water main? Not many homeowners understand the importance of a water main, and not many understand their responsibilities. While it’s a simple enough concept, the water main is not treated as well as it should be, considering what it does. When there is a problem with the water main, there can be a problem with plumbing throughout your entire home, and maybe beyond. To learn more about water mains and how to maintain them, read on.

What to Know About Your Water Main

What is a Water Main?

The main water supply of the county or state is transported via the water main, which has direct access to your home. These pipes run deep underground, and are typically maintenanced by the government. However, there is a portion of the water main pipe that falls under your responsibility should anything go wrong. Between your house and the sidewalk, there is a portion of pipe that can leak or burst. This is the part of the water main with which you need to concern yourself.

Where is it Located?

The water main valve is usually by the sidewalk underneath a rectangular or circular plate that reads “water” or something similar. If anything should happen, this is the valve you want to access in order to shut off the main water. This is particularly convenient if the pipe begins to leak or if it bursts. Your water main problem is still within your own hands, but this is a handy way for you to prevent further damage.

Do I Have a Water Main Leak?

The most common sign of a leaking water main is rumbling sounds within your house, contrary to popular belief that the first sign is lowered water pressure. It can be extremely difficult to check whether or not you have a water main leak without proper equipment, necessary tools, and the plumbing expertise. The best you can really do is listen while pressing your ear against the water main, but this isn’t exactly ideal.

What Can I Do?

The best course of action is, as always, to call a professional plumber. Professionals know exactly how to locate a water main leak, and they can work on fixing it while you sit back without a worry. DIY plumbing fixes almost never end well, and a water main fix is no exception. This is something that needs to be done by a professional, no matter how handy you may be.

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