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What to do if Your Toilet Overflows

Oftentimes the first thing people do when they see that their toilet is overflowing is panic. But being informed can help you avoid panic if your toilet overflows and avoid a disgusting mess in your bathroom. Here’s what you do if your toilet overflows.

toilet leak fixes

Step #1: Shut Off Water Supply

Turn off the valve underneath the toilet to shut off water to it. You can also remove the lid to your toilet and look at the base of the tank. You can shut off the water supply to the toilet bowl by pushing the flapper down inside the tank. 


Step #2: Remove Debris 

Remove any water and other debris from the toilet bowl safely. Properly dispose of anything you pick up. After you have removed water and debris, thoroughly disinfect all the surfaces that came into contact with the toilet water.


Step #3: Plunge the Toilet

Once the immediate problem has been resolved, it’s time to get to the root cause of your toilet overflow problem. Most toilets overflow because of a blockage that occurs. Using gloves to cover your hands, take your plunger and place its head completely inside water inside the toilet bowl. Then, pump the head of the plunger up and down quickly. Once the water level has gone down far enough where the plunger is no longer covered in water, flush the toilet to see if it’s working again.


Step #4: Use a Snake

If a plunger doesn’t do the trick, try using a toilet snake. A toilet snake is a slender, flexible auger that is used to dislodge clogs. It’s usually reserved for more difficult clogs that cannot be loosened with a plunger. Use this in extreme situations.


Step #5: Call a Professional Plumber

If steps number three and four don’t resolve your clogged toilet problem, it’s time to call on the experts. Professional plumbers will be able to safely unclog your toilet and prevent it from overflowing again. Most plumbers offer emergency plumbing services, so even if your toilet overflows late at night, they’ll be there to fix it for you.


Call on Michael Runk Plumbing and Heating to Fix Your Toilet

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