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True Tales of Avoidable Home Plumbing Problems

When you own a home, it sometimes seems like the need for maintenance is never-ending. Ensuring each component of your home is working as intended requires keen, regular observation of how everything functions. This is especially true for plumbing systems. When working properly, a home’s plumbing system can be easily overlooked, but if certain issues are not addressed in a timely manner, they can result in costly repairs. Take a look at these true tales of avoidable plumbing problems we’ve encountered.

True Tales of Avoidable Home Plumbing Problems

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are one of the most common preventable problems we see in residential buildings. Drains in most plumbing systems are largely designed for liquids. But, some liquids, such as cooking fats and oils, can turn solid after being poured down the drain, resulting in a clog. Different drains encounter different types of debris. For example, shower and bathroom sink drains are usually clogged due to an accumulation of hair. So to prevent your bathroom sinks and shower drains from getting clogged, try installing hair catchers. For kitchen sinks, avoid pouring oils down the drain. 


Overflowing Toilet 

An overflowing toilet is one of the most anxiety-provoking plumbing issues faced by homeowners, and for good reason. Flushing the toilet and seeing the bowl continue to fill is always a cause for concern. An overflowing toilet is preventable. Avoid placing things like sanitary wipes, feminine products, and other non-flushable products in the bowl. These things block the drain and prevent a proper flush. Instead, only use your toilet to dispose of human waste and toilet paper. 


Running Toilet

Opposite to an overflowing toilet, a running toilet can be indicative of a plumbing leak somewhere in your system. It can also be caused by mineral buildup, a defective flapper, or too little or too much water. One of the easiest ways to prevent a running toilet is to maintain a fewer number of appliances and fixtures in your home. If it’s too late and you’re dealing with a running toilet in your home, the problem can be resolved either by ensuring the fill tube is placed correctly, adjusting the float or refill valve, or replacing the flapper. 


Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is a common nuisance among many homeowners. One of the most frustrating aspects of this problem is that it can be caused by any number of factors, including corroded pipes, hard water, regular pipe clogs, shared pipelines, and more. Depending on the cause of the low water pressure, there are multiple ways to avoid it from happening. The best way to prevent low water pressure in your home is to have essential regular maintenance on your plumbing fixtures.


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