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The Dangers of Not Preparing Plumbing for Winter

frozen pipe 267648 mHave you prepared your home plumbing for winter? If not, you are leaving your home plumbing system open to many risks over the cold winter months. Not preparing your home for winter can lead to frozen pipes, in turn leading to costly repairs. In addition, not performing proper water heater maintenance can also lead to serious issues and hefty costs during winter. Read on to learn more about the dangers of not preparing your home plumbing for winter.

Frozen Pipes

The main concern for your home plumbing system during the winter is frozen pipes. If pipes become too cold and freeze over, they will expand and ultimately break, leading to major flooding in your home and expensive repairs. To keep your pipes from freezing, there are a few steps to follow. First, if you have any exposed pipes in your home, wrap them for the winter with insulation foam. You should also wrap outdoor pipes.

In addition, remove your garden hoses and drain and insulate your hose bibs. If water freezes inside of your outdoor hoses or hose bibs, it can cause the hose to expand and shorten its lifespan along with causing the connecting pipes in your home to freeze and break. Your furnace should also be set to at least 55 degrees to further ensure that your pipes do not freeze.

Inefficient Water Heater

Prior to winter, it is also imperative that you perform proper water heater maintenance. The water heater needs to be drained before winter arrives, which prevents sediment from building up in the tank. When sediment builds up, this can lead to the development of rust, which will vastly reduce the lifespan of your water heater and also cause it to run less efficiently. You should also insulate your water heater similarly to your pipes. While it is unlikely to freeze, insulation will allow it to run more efficiently.

Costly Repairs

If you do not prepare your home for winter, you are likely to be faced with costly repairs. First, when your pipes freeze, they can burst and cause serious water damage. Even just a crack can allow 250 gallons of water to escape in just one day. If your pipes do need to be repaired after cracking or breaking, the job will be very expensive. However, if there is a problem with your home plumbing this winter, you can always contact Michael Runk Plumbing & Heating services for affordable repairs that you can trust.

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