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Standard vs. Super Efficient Water Heaters

When shopping for water heaters, there are a lot of factors of which the average homeowner may not be aware. Cost, energy source, brand, capacity, the list goes on. But probably the biggest concern, especially with today’s poor economy and poor environmental footprint, is how energy efficient is your water heater going to be? After the HVAC, the water heater is potentially the runner up culprit of the highest energy consuming appliance in the house.

But let’s back up a minute. Other than cost savings and environmental friendliness, why is energy efficiency important? Well, when it’s coupled with performance, energy efficiency in your water heater means it can handle the job better and, all else even, more reliably; oftentimes, also for a longer lasting product life. So if your household has many family members, or if your gym usage, sweaty (or cold) climate, frequency of washing dishes by hand, habit of showering after work, or other lifestyle factors demand a higher volume of hot water, you’ll want one that can handle the extra work.

Energy efficiency and performance don’t always go hand-in-hand, but often they can. “Super-efficient” water heaters (see our FAQs for more) differ from standard ones in that they are typically of higher grade manufacture, component material, insulation, and warranty value, in addition to the obvious of being more efficient in operation.

At Michael Runk Plumbing & Heating, we can give you a professional insight into which energy-efficient heater is right for you and your household to save you money without sacrificing the performance you need to stay comfortable in your home. You might benefit even more from a green incentive tax credit as well if the heater you choose qualifies.

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