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The Basics of Home Plumbing Systems

Have you ever wondered how your home’s plumbing system works? At Michael Runk Plumbing and Heating, we know the ins and outs of modern residential plumbing systems. We sat down today to write out a little guide. Not every home has the same plumbing system, but most follow these guidelines.

under sink plumbing

The Water Supply Intake System

This is the system that circulates water from your main valve. If you’re on city water, then this valve is probably buried in the street in front of your house. Fresh water enters your home’s system through the “main,” a large pipe that runs along your street. Water coming from the main is extremely pressurized, meaning it can travel quickly anywhere throughout your home’s plumbing system.


If you have well water, then you likely have a pump responsible for pressurizing and delivering water to your home. Plumbing systems hooked up to city water typically have more pressurized water than wells, so if you’re on a well, you may need to space out your showers somewhat.

Your Drain-Wastewater System

Once water has flown through your home’s plumbing system, it becomes wastewater. Wastewater needs to be removed from your system, but rather than using pressure, drain-wastewater systems use gravity to flow water away. These systems are usually more complicated than the water supply intake systems.


You should notice several vent pipes sticking out of your roof, these are part of the drain-waste water system. “Traps” are also part of this system. You should find a trap under every sink in your home, these traps are there to catch any large objects that may have fallen down your drain. So if you drop a ring or something else, accessing these traps will allow you to get it back.

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If you’re looking for aid from a local plumber, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve been providing Marylanders with our residential plumbing services for years. If you need plumbing help, get into contact with us. Our team of professional Maryland plumbers is standing by, ready to answer any questions you may have.

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