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Signs You May Need a New Hot Water Heater

The hot water heater is one of the most important components in any building.

Used in homes and businesses alike, hot water heaters are complex devices that are built to last. However, even the most robust and high-quality model will not last forever.

If you think you may need hot water heater replacement, you should know what signs to look for. If a unit is failing and nearing the end of its lifespan, a few red flags can help you identify the problem early so your hot water doesn’t go out unexpectedly when you need it most.

water heater replacement

Frequent Leaks and Constant Repairs

Even if you don’t know a lot about hot water heaters, a leak is an obvious sign that something is wrong. A slow drip may not seem like the most pressing of issues, but once water starts puddling around the base of your unit, it may pose a serious hazard to both the safety of the unit and the building where it is located.

Leaks are not always a sign a hot water heater replacement is necessary. It’s when you start needing repairs on a regular basis that you should consider investing in a new model. If the heater is experiencing frequent problems, no matter how small, you could save in the long-run by simply investing in a new model.

Odd Smells and Unusual Sounds

One of the main warning signs you may need to replace a hot water heater involves the scent of the water. A metallic odor usually means grit and debris from the inner tank and mechanical components are getting into the water. This type of repair can be costly, so it is often better to invest in a new unit.

Noise is also an indicator something may be wrong. Loud pops and cracks could mean a problem with the heating element or the tank. If these issues begin to occur on a regular basis, it could be a sign the heater is at risk for breaking down in the future.

The Water’s Quality is Changing

It may seem like an obvious sign, but many people fail to consider the possibility that their water heater is breaking down even as the water’s temperature decreases. If you’re used to getting hot water and now can only get warm, it is a sign that you may need a replacement.

A change in temperature is often gradual, making it a bit hard to tell when a problem is occurring. The number of times a hot water heater is used daily can drastically affect its lifespan. Larger families will use more hot water, and they may need replacements sooner because of it.

Even if you can’t tell the difference in the water’s temperature, especially if it changes only a few degrees, you can probably detect a change in its consistency. If the water is becoming muddy or sandy, you may need a water heater replacement to stop the issue from happening.

If you’re noticing any of the above issues in your home, or you suspect your hot water heater is in need of repair or replacement for another reason, give Michael Runk Heating and Plumbing a call today. Michael Runk is the area’s leading residential and commercial plumbing specialist with over 20 years of industry experience. To schedule an appointment, call Michael Runk Heating and Plumbing at 410-781-6791 or fill out the form on our website, today!

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