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Should You Get Your Shower Head Replaced?

Think about all of the time that you spend in the shower. It probably adds up to quite a bit throughout the month. As you shower, have you noticed any odd build-up on your shower head? Have you noticed a lack of water pressure? What about a weird smell? Though these symptoms could be coming from any number of areas in your plumbing, but replacing your shower head might help.

A shower head running water

Combat Hard Water in Your Bathroom

If your home has hard water running through the pipes, then you might need to replace your shower head pretty regularly. Hard water can be tough on your pipes and other plumbing fixtures due to the fact that it creates a scaly build-up throughout the system, which can lead to clogs and other issues. Now, it can also build up on your shower head and lead to a “less-than-appealing” shower experience. The next time you clean your shower head, if you clean your shower head, take a closer look at it and consider getting a new one.

Discover New Features in Your Bathroom

Back in the day, shower heads pretty much just provided a stream of water. They could provide hot water or cold water, but that was about it in terms of features. The modern world has brought us many things and one of those things is a sophisticated, multi-faceted shower head. You can really take your shower to the next level with things like massages, stream adjustments, lighting, and much, much more. There are a ton of very modern options that give you options, so check them out and see if they’re right for you.

Age in Place with the Right Shower

As we get older, our capabilities change and we’re unable to do some of the things that we used to. Remodeling for “Aging in Place” can help us enjoy our golden years more with the appropriate fixtures we need as we get older. A hand-held shower head is perfect for getting thoroughly clean without having to move around too much or strain your joints.

Michael Runk Can Help With New Shower Heads

Whether you’re looking to stay in your home for another 20 years or you’re just looking for something new, Michael Runk can help with a new shower head, fixing clogs, or any number of other areas of your plumbing. Contact us today to learn more about how we can transform your shower space.

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