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Why Liquid Drain Cleaners Can Do More Harm Than Good

You probably don’t think much about your plumbing until there’s a problem with it. With a little knowledge about minor plumbing solutions and the help of a local reliable plumber, you’ll be able to tackle these issues quickly and efficiently, before they cause permanent damage.

Clogs are one of the most common issues homeowners come across in household plumbing. A clog can happen in many places throughout your home, like your kitchen sink, bathtub, or toilet.

dangers of liquid drain cleaner

Before you grab the Draino, consider the following!

The benefits of liquid drain cleaner might be plentiful – easy to find, convenient, and cheaper than a visit from your local plumber – but their disadvantages should be fully understood:

  • Liquid drain cleaners are made up of harsh chemicals like hydrochloric acid which can hurt your drain more than help it.
  • These chemicals are highly corrosive, and if they are used too often or in too great of quantities, they can begin to eat away at your pipes and plumbing.
  • A lot of these chemicals are very dangerous for people to come into contact with, whether you accidentally get some on your skin, eyes, or mouth. Sometimes even simply inhaling liquid drain cleaners can cause serious health issues.
  • Your quick dose of liquid drain cleaner might seem to have broken up the clog temporarily, but the clog could have been caused by a larger issue which needed to be addressed.
  • If the clog is too big for a liquid drain cleaner to handle, the cleaner can remain in your pipes until you are able to find another solution and cause even more damage than you had in the first place.

Alternative Options

Drain Snakes

For small clogs, you should attempt to use a drain snake to get hold of the material clogging the drain, and pull upwards. Snaking the drain is a safer option than liquid drain cleaner, but doesn’t always guarantee your clog will be fixed. Before snaking your drain, be sure to use a drain snake make for the specific drain where the clog is located; for example don’t use a drain snake to free up a toilet clog (or vise-versa).

Call a Professional

For big clogs which aren’t easily remedied with a simple drain snake, don’t be afraid to call on a professionals to handle the clog!

Michael Runk Plumbing & Heating is your best choice for plumbing service in Eldersburg, Maryland. Their experts are friendly, knowledgeable, and available 24/7 to solve any plumbing issue you have.

For more information on proper drain clog removal, or to schedule a service appointment with one of our professionals, contact us today!

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