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How Often Do I Need to Have My Sewer Line Cleaned?

As a homeowner, you might not think about your sewer line until something goes wrong. A clogged sewer line can cause backups and flooding in your home, leading to expensive repairs and cleanup. To prevent these problems, it’s important to have your sewer line cleaned regularly. But how often do you need to do this?


The answer to this question depends on several factors, including the age of your home, the condition of your pipes, and your household habits. Here are some things to consider when determining how often to clean your sewer line:


How Often Do I Need to Have My Sewer Line Cleaned


Age of Your Home

If you live in an older home with original pipes, you may need to have your sewer line cleaned more frequently than someone with newer plumbing. Older pipes are more prone to clogs and buildup, which can cause backups and other issues. Sewer lines are expected to last anywhere from 50 to 100 years, so if your home is around that age and still has its original plumbing, the sewer lines may need to be cleaned more often.


Condition of Your Pipes

Even if you have newer pipes, the condition of your plumbing can affect how often you need to have your sewer line cleaned. If your pipes are damaged or corroded, they can be more susceptible to clogs and buildup and require more frequent cleaning. Polyvinyl Chloride Pipes (PVC) and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene pipes (ABS) are known to be extremely durable and last a long time with minimal upkeep. However, sewer pipe materials like Orangeburg and copper pipes may require more frequent cleaning. 


Household Habits

Your daily routines and how you use your plumbing system can also impact how often you need to clean your sewer line. For example, if you have a large family that takes frequent showers or uses the dishwasher often, you may need to have your sewer line cleaned more frequently to prevent clogs. Putting foreign objects down the drain may also lead to more frequent sewer line cleanings. 


Recommended Cleaning Schedule 

So, how often should you have your sewer line cleaned? The general recommendation is to have it done every 18-24 months. However, if you notice any warning signs of a clog, such as slow drains or gurgling sounds, it’s important to have your sewer line inspected and cleaned as soon as possible.


In addition to regular cleaning, there are some steps you can take to prevent clogs and keep your sewer line in good condition. These include:

  1. Avoid flushing non-flushable items such as wipes, feminine hygiene products, and paper towels.
  2. Dispose of cooking grease and oils in the trash, not down the drain.
  3. Use a drain strainer to catch hair and other debris before it can enter your pipes.
  4. Have your plumbing inspected regularly to detect any issues before they become serious.


Need to Have Your Sewer Line Cleaned?

If you notice any warning signs of a sewer clog or want to take preventative measures to ensure your sewer line doesn’t clog, turn to the master plumbers at Michael Runk Plumbing and Heating. In addition to cleaning your home’s sewer line, we’ll carefully evaluate your entire plumbing system to check for any signs of problems. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 


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