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How do you Unclog a Toilet?

A clogged toilet is an unwelcome inevitability of using the bathroom. No matter the reason for why your toilet is clogged and won’t flush, there are two main methods you can use to unclog your toilet. Here is a little more on the only two methods you should use to unclog a toilet.

How do you unclog a toilet?

Use a Plunger

The most common and effective technique to unclog a toilet is to use a toilet plunger. First, take about 1/3 cup of dish washing soap and add it to the toilet water. If there isn’t any water in the bowl, you will also want to add water to ensure the plunger can create an adequate seal. Allow the dish soap to sit for 5 minutes and then come back.

Take your plunger and gently plunge the toilet. We suggest moving in gentle, quick, motions to really shake the clog loose. You can also alternate the intensity of your plunge from gentle to a little more forceful. Do this about 15-20 times, or until the clog clears.

Use a Toilet Snake

If the plunger method doesn’t work, your next choice (and your only next choice) is to use a toilet snake. It’s important that you use a toilet snake as they are built to work best in toilets. Place the snake head at the bottom of the bowl and turn the snake handle clockwise and gently push. Do not force the auger; as you don’t want to damage your toilet bowl.

Once you feel some resistance with turning the auger, pull the toilet snake back out and you should have a portion of the clog come with it. This should be enough to break up the clog and allow it to flush all the way through.

Call an Eldersburg, MD Plumber

Sometimes, toilet clogs can be very stubborn, and if either method above doesn’t work you could be left without options and without a working toilet. When you get to this point, it’s best to call in a professional Eldersburg, MD plumber. Not only do plumbers deal with this issue on a weekly basis, if the clog is truly not coming loose then a professional plumber will be able to replace your toilet for you quickly and efficiently.

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