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How Do Plumbing Vents Work?

How Do Plumbing Vents Work?

What Are Plumbing Vents?

Have you ever noticed long, tube-like structures protruding from the roofs of homes in your neighborhood? Many of us can recall seeing them but have never thought to ask what they are or why they’re there!

Vent pipes, also referred to as vent stacks, are plumbing components that exist to regulate the air pressure within your plumbing system. They are designed to draw gas and plumbing odors from inside of your plumbing to the outside of your home. Plumbing vents are attached to drain lines that run through the roof of the home.

Why Do We Need Plumbing Vents?

Your plumbing system removes water and waste from your home. Drainage pipes and vent pipes work together to allow for an efficiently running plumbing system. The drainage pipes carry the waste out of your home and the vent pipes supply air to each of the plumbing fixtures inside your home in order to help that water and waste through the drainage pipes.

Another key function of your home’s vent pipe is the prevention of sewer gases from entering your home. Hydrogen sulfide poisoning can be the result of sewer gas and fumes inhaled by anyone inside your home.

Low levels of exposure to sewer gas can cause eye irritation, respiratory issues, nausea, and headaches. Worse symptoms can occur if a high level of the gas is released into your home. Even at low concentrations, sewer gas has a distinct rotten egg smell. If you have reason to believe you have been exposed to sewer gas in your home, its best to get outside and call your local plumber for help.

Signs Your Vent Pipe is Malfunctioning

Common symptoms of broken vent pipes are:

  • A strange gurgling sound coming from your drains
  • Standing water in sinks or bathtubs
  • Slowly draining kitchen or bathroom sinks
  • Interrupted water flow

When these symptoms are left alone, they can cause further and more permanent damage to your home’s plumbing system and can put you in danger of busted pipes or gas leaks. If you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms in your home or have reason to believe your vent pipes aren’t working properly, look to the experts at Michael Runk Plumbing and Heating.

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