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Does Your Main Sewer Line Have a Clog?

It’s common for homeowners to find themselves with plumbing issues when they least expect it. Sewer line clogs are not so easy to detect since the main lines are beneath the ground outside of your home, but they can cause extensive damage if they malfunction. Being aware of how plumbing problems occur and the warning signs to look out for can help you understand what to do to prevent further damage to your home.

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Symptoms of a Sewer Line Clog

Sewer lines help to transport waste water from your home to underground sewer mains. Homeowners are usually unaware of the issues that sewer line clogs can create until it’s too late. Here are the most common warning signs that your sewer line might be clogged:

  • Water Backing Up

One of the biggest red flags when it comes to sewer main issues  is seeing water backing up out of your toilet, sink, or bathtub. You might also hear a gurgling sound coming from any of the drains. The plumbing in your home is set up like a tree, where each sewer line goes to a different fixture. If the bathroom sink is backing up but the toilet runs fine, the issue might be confined to a single sewer line. However, if the clog is in the main sewer line, almost any water that is run in your home will cause backups and gurgling noises.

  • Slow Draining

If your water isn’t backing up but it is taking significantly longer than normal to drain, this could also be a good sign that there is a clog in the main sewer line. If left untreated, whatever is clogging the main line can eventually end up blocking it completely, causing even greater issues for the plumbing inside your home.

What Causes Sewer Lines to Clog?

In older homes, tree roots are the most common cause of clogged sewer lines. Plumbing that has not been replaced in a very long time can become weak and susceptible to tree roots puncuring and growing into the sewer lines. If the problem doesn’t get fixed, the tree root can begin to grow up the sewer line itself and cause a complete blockage in the line.

In newer homes, items like feminine hygiene products, paper towels, and even certain types of toilet paper that are relatively thick can cause sewer lines to clog.

Broken, weak, or crushed pipes can cause improper draining and lead to major main sewer line malfunctions.

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