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Common Commercial Plumbing Issues to Resolve

Commercial buildings typically see more traffic than residential homes, and therefore have plumbing systems which see a lot more use. With more frequent use comes more frequent malfunctions, most of which can be easily fixed by your local commercial plumbing professional.
Here are some of the most common issues we see with our new commercial plumbing clients:

Common Commercial Plumbing Issues


Toilet & Drain Clogs

If your commercial building sees a lot of traffic every day, toilet and sink clogs may not be brought to your attention until they become a real nuisance. At this point, a simple plunger usually won’t do. When clogs are left to worsen, they can end up causing serious water damage.

How to Avoid It: Post signs asking visitors and employees to only flush toilet paper and use the trash bin for the disposal of items like flushable wipes, feminine products, and bandages

Silent Leaks

Plumbing leaks at sinks and faucets are easy to spot if they are used frequently, but leaky pipes that are located in the walls of your commercial building are much more difficult to notice.

How to Avoid It: Keep a close eye on your water bill and look out for unusually spikes. Check sinks that are used less frequently every few weeks or months for slow drips.

Water Temperature & Pressure Issues

If your water takes too long to heat up, you likely have an issue with your water heater. If the flow is restricted to a small stream or drip, your pipes may be clogged or frozen.

How to Avoid It: Have your water heater regularly inspected. Allow faucets to drip slightly when outdoor temperatures get far below freezing. Try to keep the heat on when the building is not occupied to help keep the pipes warm.

Sewer Odors

If you notice foul or rotten smells around your plumbing fixtures, chances are there’s a problem within your pipes. When water is not flowing smoothly and continuously throughout your sewage system, odors travel upwards and out of the pipes.

How to Avoid It: Run water through your sinks regularly and call a professional to inspect your plumbing at the first sign of a problem.
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