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Choosing the Right Faucet for Your Bathroom

There are many reasons you might be looking to get a new faucet in your bathroom. From exciting renovations and new homes to nerve-wracking cracked or leaking faucets, knowing how to choose the right faucet for your bathroom will significantly improve both your installation experience and user experience for the lifespan of the faucet.

new bathroom faucet install

Working with a reliable plumbing company in Maryland to understand each step and the industry tips can make even a bad situation go as smoothly as possible.

Questions to Ask Yourself (And Answer)

Only you know exactly how your bathroom gets used, which means you’re suddenly the expert on your project. Asking yourself a few questions (and then answering them) can help you determine your needs in a faucet and allow you to be more informed as you move forward.

  • Does the bathroom see heavy or light traffic?
  • Who uses the faucet? Regular users, children, elderly residents?
  • How deep is the sink?
  • What else is installed or kept near the faucet area?
  • What’s the style of your bathroom?
  • What other fixtures would you like your faucet to match?

Being able to provide your plumber with this information means that they will be able to better furnish your bathroom with the best faucet for your needs. If you’re unsure, calling a plumber to your home to help you answer these questions can help you get results as well.

Location and Plumbing Restrictions

Understanding the restrictions that expose themselves while answering the above questions will help narrow your options for a new bathroom faucet. In addition to these provisions, a professional plumber can also help you determine what the pipes in your system look like and what compatibilities of your counter and sink space need to be considered when selecting a new faucet. From the number of available holes and their sizes to the type and size of countertop, to the pipes below, there are numerous small details that an experienced Maryland plumbing company will look out for. If you’ve opted for a more expansive remodel or complete renovation, however, many of these features may not require much thought.

Installing Your New Prized Possession

Installing a new faucet on your own is simplest when you replace the old with the same thing, but the chances of knowing your exact model and being able to find it in stores is an unlikely eclipse. Even if you do, there are dangers—from personal injury to total flooding—to the DIY life. Trusting the installation of your new faucet to an experienced plumbing company in Maryland will yield the best results for your project.

Michael Runk Knows Bathroom Faucets

Finding the right plumbing company in Maryland to help select and install your next bathroom faucet can be the difference between hours spent at a home improvement store just to pick out an incompatible faucet and finding the perfect faucet that fits with your bathroom so well even Goldilocks would approve. Michael Runk Plumbing and Heating has experience as your local Maryland plumbing company and knows how to get results that will leave you happy with your new faucet. Contact us today to get started on this exciting bathroom improvement project together!

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