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Can I Move My Washer and Dryer?

So, you’re moving, and you just bought a new washer or dryer. You’re probably tempted to move these appliances by yourself, under the impression that you can save a little extra cash. It seems simple enough–after all, it’s just an appliance, right? It should be easy to move, with a little elbow grease.

Wrong. Moving a washer and dryer is a serious task, and requires professional aid. While it looks like it should be simple, there are many aspects to washers and dryers that make them difficult to install yourself. Before you act, let’s go over a few of the reasons why moving a washer and dryer on your own can be dangerous and costly.

Can I Move My Washer and Dryer

What Goes Into Disconnecting or Connecting a Washer and Dryer?

Moving a washer and dryer includes several steps that require extensive electrical and plumbing knowledge. For instance, you’re going to need to shut off any water, gas, or electricity that will connect to your washer and dryer. This can get tricky. If you aren’t knowledgeable in one of these areas, a mistake can be incredibly dangerous–even deadly. The job should be done by a professional in order to ensure it’s done safely.

If you’re moving a washer and dryer to a new home, then you should also take the time to make sure that the appliances are properly cleaned. Clogged dryer vents can cause a fire, but if you aren’t familiar with how to clean them, then you may be bringing danger into your new home.

Moving the Appliances

It’s also a good idea to hire professional movers to do this job. If you’ve just purchased your washer and dryer, it’s likely that the store will provide on-site delivery to ensure this move is done safely and efficiently. Otherwise, movers will have the experience necessary to move your appliances without issue.

Keep in mind that washers and dryers are incredibly fragile. They can easily be damaged, which makes them risky to move on your own. Even if you have movers available, you should wrap your appliances in blankets and secure them with industrial saran wrap to ensure their safety.

Potential Dangers

Because of all the different aspects included with setting up a washer and dryer, the possibility for danger is high. Plumbing, electrical systems, and gas systems are all involved, making this an involved and complicated journey. To save yourself the trouble and the potential danger, hire a professional like Michael Runk. As the best Eldersburg plumbing company, Michael Runk knows how to handle these dangers with precision.

If you need to move your washer or dryer, call Michael Runk today. Mistakes can be expensive, so trust in a team who knows what they’re doing. For superior customer service and quality, professional work, call Michael Runk today!

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