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5 Complex Plumbing Issues that Require a Truly Experienced Plumber

No matter how well a plumber installs pipes during a building’s initial construction, plumbing problems are always inevitable. Although some plumbing problems can be easy for a homeowner to solve on their own, some plumbing problems need the expertise of an experienced plumber. If you’re facing any of these five complex plumbing issues, contact an experienced plumber immediately.

fixing a plumbing problem

1. Corroded Pipes

Pipes are usually out of sight, out of mind, until mysterious leaks appear. Old pipes, especially those made out of iron and galvanized steel, will eventually corrode. When they do, it can lead to pinhole leaks or restricted water flow inside the pipes. If you have older pipes in your home, and if they have corroded, you will need to contact an experienced plumber to replace them. 


2. Tree Roots

Tree roots have the potential to wreak havoc on your home’s plumbing system. Tree roots sometimes work their way into pipe joints and cause leaks or complete blockage in sewer pipes. As a result, sewage waste can back up into your home. Only an experienced plumber can resolve this complicated issue. They may have to completely replace your underground pipes. 


3. City Sewer Collapse

Sometimes plumbing problems are out of your control. Old sewer pipes made out of materials like asbestos and concrete can collapse over time and result in sewage flowing up into your home’s drains. The pipe that’s damaged may be a sanitary sewer line, which is the city’s responsibility. Homeowners are only responsible for the sewer lateral, the line connecting a home to the main sewer line.  


4. Pipe Burst

Pipes can burst for several reasons. Pipes are usually hidden behind walls or between walls. When they freeze and burst, they can cause leaks in those places. To repair the damages caused by burst pipes, it will require tearing out damaged areas and identifying the source of the leaks. Once the source has been located, an experienced plumber will replace the pipes using quality materials. 


5. No Water Running 

If your faucets aren’t supplying water, there can be an underlying plumbing problem. There are multiple reasons why your home doesn’t have water, including:

  • A frozen pipe 
  • A significant leak
  • A defective main pipe
  • Blocked pipes

The only way to discover the real reason why there isn’t water being delivered to your faucets is by proper diagnostic tests. An experienced plumber will have the tools and knowledge to conduct the right diagnostic tests and resolve the issue quickly.


An Experienced Plumber in Frederick, MD

No matter if you’re facing any of these complex plumbing issues or a less complex plumbing issue, the professionals at Michael Runk Plumbing and Heating Services can help. We have over 20 years of experience and can handle the most complicated plumbing problems. 


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