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When Should You Have Your Faucet Replaced?

While replacing your kitchen is certainly not the most exciting home improvement project, it’s still an important one. You use your faucet every day to wash your hands, wash dishes, clean the house, and more. You need properly functioning faucets for your everyday tasks. There is no right or wrong time to replace your faucets, but take a look at some of the instances when it makes the most sense to have them replaced. 

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It’s Old

The lifespan of your specific faucet will depend on several things, like its make, model, and frequency of use. However, modern faucets can usually last up to 20 years. If your faucets were installed close to 20 years ago and they’re showing their age, it may be time to have them replaced. 

It Always Needs Repairs

Faucets that require a lot of repairs may be better off being replaced. Continual faucet repairs are not only annoying, but they can also become expensive. You’re likely to save money by investing in a new faucet that won’t require frequent repairs. 

It’s Gotten Rusty

When it comes to rust on your faucets, it’s not the outside you need to be concerned about; it’s the inside of your faucet. Rust will build up inside of the faucet before it becomes visible on the outside. If your faucet handles stick or cracks when you try to move it, or if it takes a few seconds for the water to come out when you turn it on, it’s a sign that there is rust on the interior of your faucet and it’s time to have it replaced. 

It’s Always Leaking

A leaky faucet may not seem like a big deal, but over time, it can cause problems. It can cause things like a higher water bill and damage to your home. You may be able to repair a leaky faucet by replacing the cartridge inside the handle assembly. But if that doesn’t work, it may be time to replace the entire faucet.

You Want to Switch to a Water Efficient Faucet

If you’re environmentally conscious and want to lessen your impact on the environment, you may want to replace your faucets with more efficient ones. Older faucets can use anywhere from three to five gallons of water per minute. Most water-efficient faucets won’t use any more than 2.5 gallons of water per minute, and that means you can expect a lower utility bill. 

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