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What is Jet Lining?

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When most people think of a clogged drain, they’ll picture the kitchen sink or perhaps a garbage disposal or toilet clog, and the means to clearing the clog as a chemical, plunger, or light plumbing service. But what about big drain clogs or major clogs to a plumbing system? Most people won’t have the unpleasant experience of dealing with such a clog, but for some homeowners and commercial properties there are clogs and blockades that simply call for drastic measures. Enter: The Hydro Jet.

Hydro Jetting or Jet Lining

A Hydro Jet is a powerful high pressure hose with a special nozzle that is connected to a machine that can push the nozzle through or down a pipe. This powerful “jet” of water is either manually pushed through or sent along a track that is fed into a pipe. The hydro jet is most commonly done at a clean out, which is an opening used by plumbers specifically to clear clogs.

How Powerful is Jet Lining?

We sometimes use the phrase “calling in the big guns” when referring to Jet Lining or Hydro Jetting. This is because it is a powerful tool and only available to professional plumbers. Jet lining is used to break up and remove heavy grease clogs, mineral build up, and hair. Hydro jets are even powerful enough to remove tree roots, but plumbers must be cautious to not damage a pipe in the process.

Do I need a Hydro Jet?

A plumbing snake is usually all that is needed for removing your run of the mill clog, like hair or a toy car. While snaking a pipe can help move and pass the clog, keep in mind that it will not actually clean your pipes. Jet lining will remove build up and debris and clean the interior plumbing system. An experienced plumber can diagnose your clog and assess whether a snake or a jet lining is required. If you have a persistent clog in the Maryland, Carroll County area you can contact Michael Runk Plumbing for a free estimate or 24 hours a day for emergency plumbing issues.

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