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Should I Clean My Toilet Tank?

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There isn’t anything quite as satisfying as a clean bathroom. OK, so perhaps that’s just something we really enjoy, but we bet you at least appreciate a clean bathroom like most people. Even if you are like us and love a spotless toilet, there might be one thing you forgot to clean…the toilet tank!

Many people are just unaware of how to and why to clean the inside of the toilet tank, but it’s an important part of keeping your bathroom clean and extending the life of your commode. Some reasons why keeping your toilet tank clean should top your list of things to do on your next cleaning day are:


Did you know that mold can grow in your toilet tank? These tanks hold standing water for us until we use it, and while most toilet tanks are free of mold, it can be an issue in some that are not used frequently like in your basement or a guest bathroom. Mold in the toilet tank can make your bathroom smell bad and can become a safety issue.


Tiny pieces of dirt, dust, and debris can make their way into your tank via water and air and can cause build up that will slowly erode the inside of your tank. Not only can these particles shorten the life of your toilet, but they can also be attributed to a bad smelling bathroom as well.


How Should I Clean My Toilet Tank?

Turn Off The Water

There is a water shut off valve that is typically behind the toilet near the floor. You’ll want to first turn this valve off to prevent the flow of water.

Give it a Flush

Flush the commode once to remove the water from the tank to allow for cleaning.


Wear Gloves and use a gentle cleaner. We recommend vinegar and water and scrubbing gently with a sponge. (Bleach is too harsh to use in the tank and be careful with toilet tank tablets as those may contain bleach)

Watch out for Fixtures

Be careful not to damage internal tank fixtures as that can lead to a running toilet. Work your way slowly around the tank taking care not to disturb the fixtures.

Your toilet tank is the most ignored bathroom fixture but it should be cleaned regularly with the rest of your bathroom. If you have questions about fixture care or need help addressing any of your Maryland home’s plumbing needs, you can contact Michael Runk Plumbing. They are even available for plumbing emergencies.

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