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Prevent Plumbing Disasters in the Winter

Oh, the weather outside might not be too frightful yet, but that just means that it’s time for preventive maintenance. Today we’re going to go over a few of the ways that you can prevent the worst from happening with your plumbing this holiday season. So, grab your notepad and let’s get cracking!

Frozen faucet in winter. Outdoor faucet frosted

Find Your Home’s Water Main

In the event of a plumbing emergency you will be very glad that you took the time to locate this. If and when the pipes burst, you’ll be able to turn the water off to minimize the damage done to your home. So locate this fixture and make sure that all responsible parties like family members and house-sitters know how to help if you’re in the midst of a plumbing emergency.

Inspect Everything for Signs of Trouble

Before the weather takes a turn for the truly frigid, take a little time to perform an inspection of your home’s interior and exterior plumbing situations. If there are hoses that haven’t been put away yet, it’s time to drain them and pack them up for the season. You should also perform a visual inspection of all features, fixtures, and more to ensure that there are no visible damages that the cold may exacerbate down the line.

Give Your Water Heater Some Love

Your water heater is going to be doing a lot of heavy lifting this winter, so make sure that it’s in top shape. To do this, you may want to drain it and refill it with water. This will help to get rid of some of the sediment that may have been gathering all year long.

While you’re spending some time with your water heater, you might want to check the temperature settings too. Check your manual or look up the optimal temperature setting online for a warm, toasty winter.

Keep Your Pipes Nice and Warm

Extra insulation is a pretty simple thing to add to your pipes and it can do a lot to ensure that they keep from bursting. Insulating tape or foam won’t cost you a lot to install, but they may save you thousands of dollars down the line.

You can also leave your faucets dripping over night in the winter months to help keep them from freezing. Your water bill will probably go up a little bit, but avoiding frozen pipes is worth it.

Michael Runk Is Here to Help Your Home Get Ready for Winter

If you need help preparing your pipes for winter, don’t fret, the plumbing specialists at Michael Runk are here to help. Give us a call today (410-781-6791), and we’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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